Ajyal Film Festival 2019

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Made in Qatar presented by Ooredoo Film Programme 1

Runtime: 108 min


  • Tick Tock

    Made in Qatar

    In a university in Sudan, Ahmed gets elected president of the student body by the corrupt school administratio…

    Awad Karrar / Qatar / 2019 / Short Narrative

  • The Artist: Yacoub Missi

    Made in Qatar

    In this short documentary, we join Syrian painter and sculptor, Yacoub Missi, as he recalls the inspirations t…

    Tony El Ghazal / Qatar / 2018 / Short Documentary

  • In The Middle

    Made in Qatar

    Forced to pick up arms, young soldiers are stuck in the middle of the ongoing war in Yemen.

    Mariam Al-Dhubhani / Yemen, Qatar / 2019 / Short Documentary

  • Refuge

    Made in Qatar

    ‘Refuge’ follows two Palestinian millennials, Mohammed and Sameera, both of whom were born and raised outside…

    Maha Essid / Qatar / 2019 / Short Documentary

  • F - 57

    Made in Qatar

    Based loosely on the tragic "Blue Whale Challenge" which circulated online in 2016, this short is a profoundly…

    Abdulanaser Hassan / Qatar / 2018 / Short Narrative

  • Socotra - The Invisible Island

    Made in Qatar

    A sombre look at the island of Socotra, situated 400 km off the coast of Yemen.

    Ching Siew Hua / Qatar / 2019 / Short Documentary

  • The Black Veil

    Made in Qatar

    Unfortunately, many women around the world are currently suffering under oppression and desperately dream of e…

    A.J. Al-Thani / Qatar / 2019 / Short Narrative

  • Fragile

    Made in Qatar

    Deep in a valley, surrounded on all sides by high, jagged mountains live a town of ceramic people. Fearful of…

    Kholoud Al-Ali / Qatar / 2019 / Short Narrative

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