Film Funding

DFI Financing aims to support filmmakers in their storytelling endeavors, unlock creativity, connect regional and international talent and create a sustainable film financing model in Qatar.

On set of ’The Reluctant Fundamentalist’, Photograph by Brigitte Lacombe

  • The Institute supports emerging voices from Qatar and around the world, and provides them with creative and financial assistance so they can translate their stories into viable film and serialized content. It is our hope to discover quality projects that have regional relevance, and that contribute to a diverse slate of engaging films and serialized content. Financial support is made available in two ways:

  • 1. The Doha Film Institute Grants Programme, which provides development, production and post-production funding to filmmakers from Qatar, and first- and second-time filmmakers from around the world. The Grants Programme:

    • Seeks out original voices in film

    • Develops a community of filmmakers among its alumni

    • Encourages cross-pollination and creative interaction among artists

    • Offers creative development support throughout the life cycle of films

  • 2. Doha Film Institute Co-Financing, which invests in film production through strategic partnerships with film projects that:

    • Are culturally relevant and commercially viable

    • Encourage co-production opportunities between international and Qatar-based filmmakers

    • Provide training and internship opportunities at all stages of production for Qatari filmmakers

    • Strengthen the industry of the region by providing opportunities for development and collaboration

  • Filmmaking in Qatar

    Doha Film Institute’s focus on the growth and evolution of Qatar’s film community includes providing creative and logistical support, as well as financial contribution to filmmakers from Qatar. Filmmakers with projects at any stage of evolution are invited to contact the Institute year-round to discuss exhibition opportunities, grants, co-financing possibilities, internships with international productions, and our creative development seminars and mentorship initiatives.