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Omra with Friends (Omra El As-hab)

Made in Qatar

للترجمة العربية اضغط على

Ibrahim Arar / Short Documentary / Jordan, Palestine, Qatar / 2012 / 20 min / Colour / HDCAM
In Arabic / English subtitles
Interests: Documentary, Youth
World Premiere
Rated: Parental guidance is advised for viewers under the age of 13. Individuals under the age of 13 are not admitted into cinemas unless accompanied by an individual aged 18 or older.


Qatar University students embark on a journey to Mecca and Medina to perform their omra during Spring Break. Ibrahim Arar brings along his point-and-shoot camera, and captures an authentic story revealing the character, humour and friendships inspired by a time-honoured tradition with modern-day twists.

About the Directors

Ibrahim Arar is studying engineering while improving his filmmaking skills to establish himself as a director in the MENA region. He has two years of experience in filmmaking. ‘Omra with Friends’ is his first film festival entry.


Ibrahim Arar
Ibrahim Arar, Ahmed Selim
Ibrahim Arar
Ibrahim Arar, Ahmed Selim
Ibrahim Arar, Ahmed Selim
Mohamed Saqer, Mahmoud Aqel, Momen Anaya, Hamza Al-Agha, Omar Al-Jammal, Mohammed Ashour

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