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8 Billion (8 Billion)

Made in Qatar

للترجمة العربية اضغط على

Riad Makdessi / Short Narrative / Qatar / 2012 / 27 min / Colour / HDCAM
In English / Arabic subtitles
Interests: Drama
World Premiere
Rated: Parental guidance is advised for viewers under the age of 13. Individuals under the age of 13 are not admitted into cinemas unless accompanied by an individual aged 18 or older.


Set in the slightly surreal world of Doha, a city of expatriates, amid a landscape of luxurious lifestyles, in ‘8 Billion’, two young people find that they are not only lost in an unfamiliar culture far from their families but, more significantly, they are lost in their own self-inflicted isolation.

About the Directors

Riad Makdessi is the award-winning director of the short film ‘Flu’, and obtained a Visual Communications Degree from the New York Film Academy in Abu Dhabi. He established his credentials in advertising, gaining 15 years of experience as a producer, director and cinematographer. He makes his return to the big screen with ‘8 Billion’.


Riad Makdessi
Riad Makdessi, Toby Hart
Riad Makdessi, Luay Darwish
Norbert Marchadesch
Aziz Maraka
Raoud Hana Altoun
Francis Michael Chouler, Casey Brit Dolan

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