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Yellow Nights

Made in Qatar

Abdullah Al Mulla / Short Narrative / Qatar / 2015 / 7 min / Colour / DCP2K
In Arabic / English subtitles
World Premiere
Rated: Parental guidance is advised. Some material may be inappropriate for young children.


On a warm Qatari night, the streetlights illuminate the interior of a car with a yellow glow. Inside, a couple sits in silence before exchanging only a few terse words. When the woman gets out, she leaves the man with an ultimatum: “Try, or that’s it.” What happens next in a chance encounter has the power to alter not just the course of the young man’s life, but also that of an elderly man who finds himself at an uncannily similar crossroads.

About the Directors

Abdullah Al-Mulla grew up in Qatar until moving abroad to pursue his university studies. He became involved in film through the Doha Film Institute, where he has worked on numerous short films since 2013. He wrote and directed the short film ‘Old Airport Road’ (2014), which explores the theme of care, and 'Yellow Nights' (2015), a seven-minute, single-shot film. Currently, Al-Mulla is working on ‘A Journey to/from Love’, a screenplay related to the cosmic sense of a relationship, which received a grant from the Qatari Film Fund and is now in post-production.


Abdullah Al Mulla
Abdullah Al Mulla
Abdullrahman Hassona
Abdullrahman Hassona
David Milights, Rana Jubara, AbdolWahed Mohammad

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