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  • 1982

    Ajyal Competition - Ajyal Film Festival 2019

    As the academic year draws to a close at a school high in the mountains of Lebanon, eleven-year…

    Oualid Mouaness / Lebanon, United States of America, Norway, Qatar / Feature Narrative

  • Baghdad Messi

    Hilal - ages 13+ - Ajyal Youth Film Festival 2013

    Hammoudi and his pals are obsessed with football. Now, with the Champions League final match co…

    Sahim Omar Kalifa / Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Iraq / Short Narrative

  • The Battle of Algiers

    Tribute to Algerian Cinema - Doha Tribecca Film Festival 2012

    This iconic war epic transports viewers into a watershed year of the French occupation of Alger…

    Gillo Pontecorvo / Algeria, Italy / Feature Narrative

  • Born in Syria

    Special Screening - Ajyal Youth Film Festival 2016

    Since civil war started in Syria in 2011, an estimated nine million Syrians have fled their hom…

    Hernán Zin / Denmark, Spain / Feature Documentary

  • The Chicken

    Hilal - ages 13+ - Ajyal Youth Film Festival 2014

    It’s 1993 and the siege of Sarajevo is in full swing. Today is Selma’s sixth birthday and, unab…

    Una Gunjak / Germany, Croatia / Short Narrative

  • Dead Horses

    Ajyal Competition - Ajyal Youth Film Festival 2017

    ‘Dead Horses’ presents a vision of wartime on the ground from the point of view of a bewildered…

    Marc Riba, Anna Solanas / Spain / Short Narrative

  • Enclave

    Ajyal Competition - Ajyal Youth Film Festival 2016

    Young Nenad lives in a UN-protected Serbian enclave in Kosovo, where he is taken to school ever…

    Goran Radovanović / Germany, Serbia / Feature Narrative