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Welcome to the Ajyal Show 2024

Join us on a captivating journey into the heart of creativity and cinematic expression with The Ajyal Show. This bilingual podcast, meticulously crafted by DFI interns and Ajyal Film Festival alumni, bridges cultures and connects aspiring creatives, storytellers, and cinema enthusiasts with the insights and experiences of local and regional experts. A proud product of DFI’s flourishing ecosystem, this show exemplifies the dynamic energy and innovative spirit of our creative community.

Through each of our fascinating, engaging, and insightful discussions, you will uncover the art of storytelling, and discover cinema's role in addressing global issues. The Ajyal Show is your platform for understanding contemporary issues through the entertaining lens of cinema and storytelling, discovering the transformative power of film as a form of self-expression, and a means to make a positive impact on our world.

New Episodes are released bi-weekly, ensuring a constant stream of fresh perspectives and inspiring ideas. Make sure to subscribe to The Ajyal Show here so you won’t miss any of them!

Meet Our Host

Moza Al-Hajri

Introducing Moza Al-Hajri, our captivating host for The Ajyal Show. A renowned public speaker, former member of Qatar's National Debate Team, and a fervent champion of culture, education, and youth empowerment, Moza has been an outstanding Ajyal Film Festival Juror since 2016. With her infectious energy and profound perspectives, she guides each episode's exploration of the transformative power of film and storytelling. Join Moza as she engages with influential guests from around the world, uncovering the impactful narratives that shape our society.

Episode #1: The Art of Survival: Filmmaking as Healing with Mariam Al-Dhubhani