Training & Development

Ajyal Film Club

Completely free of charge, this new initiative is run by our Ajyal Jurors and continues the festival’s spirit of empowering and inspiring young people through thought-provoking films.

Taking place every month, we’ll suggest a selection of compelling films from popular streaming platforms for you to watch and then virtually meet up to discuss everything from plot and cinematography to broader issues such as cinema history and filmmaking techniques. We’ll even have exciting guests from time to time!

Each session is a new topic, so don’t worry if you haven’t taken part before. All you have to do to join is register below and watch the film assigned to your age group before our next meeting on Friday, 25 June at 3 PM.

Please email to book your place.

Places are limited, so be sure to reserve yours now. We hope to see you there!

  • Ajyal Film Club – Session 1


    As a member of the Ajyal family, we are delighted to invite you to take part in the very first Ajyal Film Club...

  • Ajyal Film Club – Session 2


    The metaphor of Palestine is stronger than the metaphor of reality” as the poet Mahmoud Darwish once said...