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On the Way to School (Sur le chemin de l'école)

Mohaq - ages 8+ - Ajyal Youth Film Festival 2013

Pascal Plisson / Feature Documentary / France, Mexico / 2013 / 100 min / Colour / HDCAM / In French / Arabic, English subtitles / Gulf Premiere
Rated: Parental guidance is advised. Some material may be inappropriate for young children.


Special Screening

“Too often,” states a caption at the beginning of ‘On the Way to School’, “we forget that education is a privilege.” It’s hard to imagine better or more inspiring examples of this than these four parallel stories.

In Kenya, Jackson has to cross 15 kilometres of savannah – and avoid dangerous elephants – to get to school. Determined to become a pilot, he wants to travel the world and provide a future for his family. Halfway around the world in Patagonia, Carlos and his sister Mica ride 18 kilometres on horseback to attend classes. Carlos wants to work as a veterinarian, while Mica dreams of becoming a teacher.

In Morocco, Zahira undertakes a weekly 22-kilometre journey over the Atlas Mountains to reach the boarding house where she stays during the school week. Meanwhile, in the Bay of Bengal, Samuel, who is confined to a wheelchair, is pushed and carried more than four kilometres every day by his younger brothers; both Samuel and Zahira hope to be doctors one day.

Documentarist Pascal Plisson travelled the world to assemble this epic collection of the journeys of kids who, undeterred by obstacles of any kind, set off on extraordinary paths to acquire an education and improve their lives.

This screening is presented in collaboration with the Education Above All Foundation, whose Educate A Child Programme seeks to reduce the number of children who are denied the right to education.

With the support of the French Embassy in Qatar.

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About the Director

Pascal Plisson is a director, writer and cinematographer. His films include ‘Masai: The Rain Warriors’ (2004), ‘Les Mystères de Clipperton’ (2005) and two episodes of the TV Series ‘Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom’ (‘Cheetahs: Fast and Furious’ and ‘Elephant Family: Bonds for Life’).


Pascal Plisson
Marie Claire Javoy
Laurent Ferlet, Stephanie Schorter Champenier
Sarah Anderson
Laurent Ferlet
Pascal Plisson
Sales Company
Wild Bunch
Production Company
Winds, Ymagis, Herodiade
Jackson Saikong, Salome Saikong, Samuel J. Esther, Gabriel J. Esther, Emmanuel J. Esther, Zahira Badi, Noura Azaggah, Zineb Elkabli, Carlito Janez, Micaela Janez


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  • Production Company

    Pascal Plisson

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